Open for Take Out & Patio Dining

We are open for Take Out & Patio Dining 7 days a week from 5-9 pm and now open for lunch Fri, Sat & Sun 12 to 4p.m. To Go Orders will be available for pick up in 30 min depending on how busy we are.  We begin accepting orders at 5:00pm Last call is at 8:30. Please pay by credit card over the phone and your order will be completed and available for pick up on our front patio.

To Go Menus

Open for patio dining and To Go service. To Go orders will only be taken by a real person. Most orders will be available for pick up in 30 min depending on how busy we are.


Patio Dining

Our patio is currently open for dining 7 days a week between 5-9 pm,  We do not accept reservations. Last call is at 8:30pm. 

Whisk(e)y Club

If you’re a fan of Whisk(e)y or you’re looking to become one, join the AO Whisk(e)y Club and receive access special tasting events and member discounts.

About AO

American Oak American Oak (formerly Barceluna) opened its doors to the public at it’s current location in 2009. Since our inception, our goal has been to offer diners a menu of American cuisine that both pleases the palate and highlights the unique characteristics of whisk(e)y. We have a diverse array of whisk(e)ys, focusing on those produced here in the United States, and are proud to present guests with one of the most superior and extensive American whisk(e)y inventories in the country. We continue to expand and improve our reserves, which currently total over 150 distilleries. Critics and the public alike have praised our bar selection, menu, and service, which has resulted in a loyal customer base. To honor our regular patrons and welcome new diners, we continue to cultivate our collection of rare whisk(e)ys, prepare savory dishes, and provide exceptional customer service.

Chuck Carlise – proprietor.


Bringing delectable dishes to Bay Area diners is Chef Couacaud’s life mission. Born in San Francisco, Chef Couacaud first found his passion for all things food during his time working as a dishwasher. Chef Couacaud continued to learn and master the restaurant trade by working his way up through the ranks, moving on from dishwasher, to busser, to finally earning a coveted spot in the kitchen. He added artistry and depth to his culinary skills by studying fine art at San Francisco State University and Braunschweig University of Art in Germany.

Some of the Chef Couacaud’s career achievements include sous chef at Rockridge’s famous eatery, Olivetto; executive sous chef at Prima in Walnut Creek, and chef/owner of Acquacotta in Alameda. Today, he is proud to head the American Oak kitchen as its chef, where he shares his cooking philosophy through his flavorful signature dishes.

“Food and eating out shouldn’t be complicated. My aim is to make delicious food using fresh and simple ingredients. This leaves guests to enjoy their meals and the company of friends and family.”

Whisk(e)y Club

New member benefits!
Throughout the year we will be hosting special tasting events with distillers and brand ambassadors of your favorite whiskeys. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about the process of making and tasting whiskey during seminars for club members only. Discounts available for members with 25+tastings!

Members with 50+tastings verified on their sheets can develop their own personal whiskey library through our “Buy the Bottle Keep”. Purchase your favorite whiskey by the bottle and keep it here on-premise for the exclusive use of you and your guests. When not here, we will tag it and store it safely in our Bottle Keep.

Once you reach 100 verified tastes on your official tasting sheet, we will mark the occasion by presenting you with an engraved flask with your name and the official title A.O. Master of Whisk(e)y!

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